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Revoking the activation is important to reset the full activation rights and allow you to install the game on another computer or sell it. The revocation of the serial is done automatically during the de-installation process. However, if you decided not to revoke your license when the option is displayed, you can still do it later by re-installing and de-installing your game or you can download and run a revocation tool from this site. Further information about revocation can be found here.

Revocation tool :

If you have decided to bypass the revokation process during de-installation or if you did not have an Internet connection during de-installation, the license has not been revoked from your computer yet. If you're not going to reinstall the game, you can download the revocation tool from this web site. This tool can be used to revoke the license installed on your computer without de-installing the game. Please download the revocation tool.

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