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The soldiers of the small fort in the northern Tyr Lysia have to spend all their time fighting numerous Kobolds. Recently these little humanoids became insolent enough to lay siege to the fort. The Commander of the fort sent some Guardsmen to look for reinforcements, but the Guardsman we are talking about isn't one of them. He is a leader of the small group of soldiers who stayed to protect the fort. You would undoubtedly meet him, since you are exactly the 'reinforcements' his companions-in-arms found. When you would first see him, his group would be fighting the Kobolds next to the bridge that leads to the fort. You'd have to help them, and do it fast. The Guardsmen are already outnumbered by Kobolds, so the Commander won't be pleased if he loses more men.



  • This Guarsdman is involved in the Cut Off quest. You would have to rescue him during the quest completion. He is also a hireling that will accompany you in this mission.
  • Although this Guardsman doesn't take part in the Shadow Path quest From Cold Dead Hands, you would be able to access this quest only if this Guardsman and his comrades-in-arms survive the Cut Off quest.
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A Hireling

While completing the Cut Off quest, you'd have to fight together with this Guardsman. He seems to be a leader of a small brigade. He is accompanied by two more Guardsmen, and you would have to assist these three in their fight. The survivors would later join your character as hirelings.
Here is the description of these three Guardsmen as hirelings:

  • All three Guardsmen are mortal NPCs. They will be hurt if hit, and will die if not healed.
  • These Guardsmen play a big part in the quest. If they die you'd ‘fail’ the Cut Off quest.
  • All of them are fighting hirelings.
  • These three are close combat fighters, but they are unarmed, so they can't be very effective.
  • You would have to rescue them before they join your character.
  • After they join you, they won't be able to move together with your character normally. They would just teleport to the character when the distance between them becomes too long.


  • These three Guardsmen play a big part in the quest. If they die, their Commander would be upset with your work, and you'd ‘fail’ the quest.
  • This Guardsman and his brigade won't appear until you complete the previous tasks of the Cut Off quest.
  • Since his quest was added to the game with the Community Patch, this Guardsman and his comrades-in-arms won't appear if you don't have the patch installed.