Sacred 2:Spear of the Dryads

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This unique pole will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • This item was originally created for the Community Items Mod, where it was a recreation of the spear of the same name from Titan Quest. The design was changed when this item was brought into CM Patch 1.50. The original design can be restored by installing the current Community Items Mod on top of the CM Patch.

Restored Item Design
  • Design Notes: "The life of the Dryads is attuned to the Forest. They do their best to keep the natural beauty of their island. The Dryads do not cut trees to build their cities, do not mine resources, do not pollute and do not hunt animals for fun. At the same time, they are known as the most skilled hunters in Ancaria and their rangers and guards always managed to keep Dyr Lain safe. No wonder that the best of the Dryad weapons are made out of living plants, and combine rejuvenating abilities of ever-growing forest with great effectiveness against enemies. The Spear of the Dryads might look like a symbol of nature, with its polished spearhead made out of sweet-smelling wood that attracts fireflies. But this spearhead is as hard and sharp as the best elven steel, and a thorny vine which twines around the shaft possesses one of the strongest poisons."
  • This weapon is a re-creation of the Titan Quest legendary of the same name, and as such refers to mythological Dryads, the Ancient Greek tree spirits. But its design and properties fit Sacred's own Dryads just as well. Despite the name, the Spear of the Dryads is Dexterity-based, because this is the attribute the Dryads excel with.