Sacred 2:Take the Bull by the Horns

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  • Quest Objective: Find and kill Hani's bewitched husband.
  • Quest Difficulty: 2 stars
  • Quest Giver: Hani
  • Location(s): West-Skookemchuck
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience, Gold
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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Hani
  • Find Hani's husband in a nearby cave and kill him
  • Talk back to Hani for your reward

Detailed Walkthrough

Following the riverside you find a big house on the top of a hill. Some strange sounds are heard far away from there, so you decide to climb the hill and take a look. You finally get closer to the house, and you meet the woman who lives there.

You ask for that sounds, and you are told an unbelievable story: the sounds are made by the woman's husband, who was a bad guy and was transformed into a minotaur by a magician as punishment and now is hidden somewhere near the woman's house.

Moreover, the woman asks you to kill the minotaur -her husband!- and put end to their torment!


Kill my husband!

I hope you can help me. My husband is a horrible tyrant, a real monster of a man! A traveling mage once stayed with us for a few days and I asked him for help. He was supposed to teach my husband respect and manners by turning him into a dog for a little while. Unfortunately it went very wrong and my husband turned into a Minotaur instead. He fled but must still be close by because I hear him creeping around the house at night. Please find him and silence him, forever!


So you begin to track the sounds, emitted from time to time by the husband. The sounds appear to come from a natural cave that is just down the hill, very near to the house.

You enter the cave and you get immediately attacked by the horned husband minotaur!! After a quick battle you slain the minotaur and ran back to the house to tell the woman.

Hani doesn't know even to believe that news... she's completely shocked to hear that all the story is over. She'll try now to forget everything and pray to avoid any nightmares.


He's dead? That takes a load off my mind. I can finally sleep peacefully again. Here take this, it all belonged to my husband and I don't want it.


By the way, you are given some valuable items who were property of Hani's husband, which she doesn't want any more. You don't want them either, but sure you can get some gold in exchange for them in the nearest merchant... that is if you don't tell him the story!!

Quest Enemies

Horned Husband

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Take the Bull by the Horns

Quest Location: Kufferath Castle in Artamark

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