Sacred 2:The Dream Vampire

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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Miraculaz Village Priest
  • Climb upstairs,you will be teleported to a new area
  • Talk to Dream Vampire,you will be attacked.
  • Kill him
  • Return to Miraculaz Village Priest
  • Talk to him and claim your reward

Detailed Walkthrough

You will find Miraculaz Village Priest at the east of Sar'Thaz Resurrection Monolith


  Destroy the Dream Vampire!

  Take a look around you! Everyone here is completely exhausted,over-
  tired, sick and half dead.Nuizzir is already dead! This isn't normal,
  but i found out who or what is behind it all.
  We are dealing with a creature that is just as horrible as it is rare,
  a creature that shouldn't exist and yet it has infested our village.It's a
  Dream Vampire!
  This Dream Vampire robs people of their vital energy while they are
  sleeping.At first the victims are merely tired,as if they didn't get a
  good night's sleep.They gradually become weaker and weaker until
  they finally die.
  Naturally the village residents can't know any of this,there would be
  too much panic.You are my only hope! You must destroy the Dream
  Vampire.Unfortunately the Dream Vampire never enters our world.
  He stays where he feels most at home, in the land of dreams.That is
  the only place you can defeat him.
  Will you take on this task? I beg of you!


Climb upstairs to begin the quest,you will be teleported if you walk inside (see below)

Walk downstairs as if you are leaving the town from south gate

Keep going until you reach the quest indicator, talk to Dream Vampire, you'll be forced to fight


So you found me,creature of the other world! You know that I won't surrender.This is my realm, and I am stronger than you think! DIE!


Go back,you will be teleported to town when you reach stairs.Talk to Miraculaz Village Priest to end the quest.


So you were triumphant? That's great news, I thank you. Now we can all sleep better at night