Sacred 2:The Needy Water Elemental

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Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to the Water Elemental to learn of the dead frogs polluting it's pond.


Gather up the dead Frogs!

Frog corpses! Everywhere I look, all I see are dead frogs! A group of Kobolds slaughtered a horde of frogs here a few days ago. Their rotting corpses are poisoning my lovely pond. It's simply revolting! I am just a Water Elemental and maybe I shouldn't complain so much, but even the toughest Golem couldn't live with this stench!

Perhaps you could help me? I promise not to hurt you. Please gather up all dead frogs.


Follow the river Northeast, collecting frog bodies and killing Kobolds as you go.

When you have all 6 corpses, return to the Water Elemental for your reward.


Oh! Thank you! That smells much better! This is for you. You deserve it.


Logbook Entry


  • Tip: the quest Tragic End is concealed in the Peculiar Vase at the river's source.