Sacred 2:The Pelt

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  • Quest Objective: Obtain a rare wolf pelt for Tialas
  • Quest Difficulty: 2 stars
  • Quest Giver: Tialas
  • Location(s): Sonnenwind
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: Experience, Gold

Quick Walkthrough

Detailed Walkthrough

Talk to Tialas to learn he wants a rare wolf pelt.


Bring me the pelt of a very rare wolf.

I have a task for you. A very rare kind of wolf lives around here. I would love one of their pelts. Unfortunately this kind of wolf is not in the habit of giving up its pelt without a fight. Would you kill one of them and bring it's pelt? I would pay you well for this favor.


Head out of Sonnenwind on the west road, and turn right, the signpost indicates the direction for Bluestonbury, when you reach the junction. Follow this road north over the bridge until it turns northeast. Head northwest until you find a group of wolves and a Rare Silverwolf.

Kill the Silverwolf and pick up the pelt it drops. If any of the other wolves are quest marked, you do not have to kill them and they will not drop the pelt you need if you kill them before the Silverwolf. Return to Tialas with the pelt for your reward.


Yes, very good. Isn't the equality of this pelt amazing?


Logbook Entry


  • Tip: If you go through Sonnenwind on your way to completing the quest Renik's End you can easily pick up this quest and complete it at the same time, as the wolf can be found just to the west of Renik's weekend residence