Sacred 2:The Tooth Fairy

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  • Quest Objective: Help Ollaga's husband with his toothache
  • Quest Difficulty: 1 star
  • Quest Giver: Ollagga
  • Location(s): Sloptok in central Nor Plat
  • Prerequisite Quest: None
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: Gold Experience

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Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk to Ollagga
  • Enter her tent and defeat her husband

Detailed Walkthrough

In Sloptop, near the southern gate, you will find Ollagga. She will tell you that her husband has a terrible toothache and asks if you can help. She wants you to start a fight with him and knock out the tooth.


Stop my husband's toothache!

My husband Ullukai has a dreadful toothache. His jaw is swollen and he hasn't stopped moaning for days! of course he refuses to go to the tooth puller. He's too scared to do that! Not that he would admit to it, but a wife has ways of knowing these things doesn't she? Can you help him? Perhaps you could start a wee fight with him? Accidentally of course! One good hit would take care of that tooth. That way he can save face and be done with that toothache. I'm sure he wouldn't mind...Later. When it's all over, I mean.


Her husband is right inside their tent. Enter the tent and defeat him in battle. Afterward, talk to him and he will thank you. This completes the quest.


Shank you! I had shug tebbible toofache. Take thid gold. Ids nod much, but bedder than nuffing.


Quest Enemies


Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Manners maketh Kobold

Quest Location: Wargfels in Artamark

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