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Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Region: Crystal Plane

Battle Notes

  • Racial Type: Humanoid Monster
  • Urdar have additional damage mitigation against physical and ice damage.
  • Their melee attacks have a bonus chance to stun, like all giants.
  • Urdars wield a previously unused troll axe that was designed by Ascaron but was never assigned to any enemies until now.
  • All Urdar are elites; there are no normal-class Urdar.

Special Abilities:

  • Stomp - a nova similar in appearance to the Barbarian's War Cry. Causes moderate physical damage with an 80% chance to stun you.
  • Freezing Hard Hit - evidenced by blue trails when he uses it, this is a hard hit attack with boosted attack rating and damage that debuffs your movement speed for a few seconds.

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