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We are the Seekers of the Ascaron Ruins. We are a clan based in the United States for players of Sacred 2 on the Xbox360 Console. We formed out of commentors on the GameFaqs board, when we all agreed that we wanted something more direct and organized for players. Our forum focuses on making contacts with other players, scheduling game times, getting and giving advice, plus trading and general forums. So pay us a visit and just maybe you will find that item you have looted many a monster in search of, or at least make a few new friends. When you join you will be given permission to post and reply as you wish. Please however keep it clean and friendly. We are always looking for new members and contributors, so please stop by and join us!

We are currently in recruiting new active members! (as of 4/22/10)

Our site is current and every member is actively playing the game. So if you are looking for people to play with..... THIS IS THE PLACE!

Site managed by: KrowMagnan, Leon Kennedy28, and Brutal Skillz.

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