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Technical Data


Set name:

Set item names: Solwemyr's Masterful Cobalt Staff, Solwemyr's Unfaltering Ring, Solwemyr's Deadly Band, Solwemyr's Adornment of Virtue.

Number of pieces: 4

Available sockets: 3 (Note: to gain the full set bonus, the three sockets in the staff must be used to socket the 3 rings.)

Occupied equipment slots: Weapon slot, 3 ring slots (Note: when socketed for the full set bonus, only the weapon slot is occupied.)

Major resistances:

Minor resistances: -

Bonus to Combat Arts

Bonus to skills

Bonus to attributes

Item modifiers

About the set

The set bonuses

Items needed Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium
Magic Lore 2 +5 +6 +8 +10 +11
Magic Resistance 3 10% 13% 16% 20% 23%
Weapon Damage 4 +15 +20 +25 +30 +35
Regen Spells 4 socketed +15 +20 +25 +30 +35

Special bonus

Recommended pieces