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The southeast one of the great Dominions is the Realm of Kay-An-Khar. In the old tongue, this means the “Land of the first man”. Kay-An-Khar is a principality with feudal structures, ruled by a Grand Prince, who is also considered the highest God in the realm. This is the home of the Blademaster. Blademasters are not only a legendary feudal caste. They are also the Grand Prince’s personal guards. A Blademaster is not allowed to marry, nor to live outside the Kay-Rhon, the prince’s palace, which is about as large as an average city. The Blademaster is a Bhay-Yan, an “Initiate of Steel”, receiving the highest ranks of martial arts. He handles all kinds of blade weapons with deadly precision and devastating destruction. Furthermore, he gained insight to the fine art of forging steel and can modify and reinforce his weapons and armor all by himself. If you want to experience our world from a melee fighter’s point of view, the Blademaster is the perfect choice.

The history of the Blademaster

“I am honorable. I am, because it is required and because it is the chosen path of my father and ancestors. I, too, will follow that path. Bound to the codex, which has become a part of me, from it’s first word to the last. Do I believe in it? The correct answer would be: I don’t know a different one. In the codex, it says: “I shall protect him. He, who is sun and light and my highest Lord. This is my task to the end of reckoning.” I dedicated my life to this codex. I am not a mere servant. I am my Lord’s eye, hand and blade. Just like it always was. I am one of the Blademasters! Supreme Sentinel, one of the last protectors, they, who are talking to and through the steel. The codex provides me with these powers. However, I am paying a price, because complete dedication may result deep loneliness. The path shall be walked, the price shall be payed – my life means nothing. If need be, I will gladly give it. They taught us to sharpen our senses and penetrate the deepest darkenss with our eyes. We have learned to know our opponents, those, who are hiding in gloomy shadows. But what if the enemies ARE the shadows? What if we realize, that utter darkness is about to shroud the world? What if we are the first ones to see this threat, and noone believes us, because they, themselves, can not see? I do know that the time of the Great Shadow lies ahead, but I can’t do anything except sharpening my senses even further. Even if I feel that what is about to cath up on us might be deaf to the language of steel. But this language can be learned as well.”

(to be continued...)

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