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Crystal Mage

In the west of the continent lies the Dominion of Sedhannia. In general, the western Dominion belongs to the poorer regions of the realm. Sedhannia is characterized by agriculture and mining. For centuries, Sedhannia was controlled and exploited by landgraves. Finally, a rebellion arose, initiated by the Order of the Crystal Mages, which was still rather small back then. Ever since, Sedhannia is under control of the Order. The principal of heritable serfdom is in effect. All people are tributaries of the Order’s First Prior. Those, who can not afford to pay their debts, are sent to the mines. The mines contain the crucial material that’s necessary to increase the powers of Crystal Magic. Those crystals contain the so called “Power of Inception”. Crystal Mages have the ability to recognize these powers and take advantage of them. Combining and using the ancient powers represents the essence of their knowledge. The Crystal Mage is a young adept, still in the middle of her studies. She is blessed with talent, but not sure if she is able to support the Order’s political ideologies. Eventually, when it’s either world domination of her sisters and brothers or preventing the rise of darkness, she will have to make a tough decision. The Crystal Mage hast mastered the noble craftsmanship of gem cutting. She reshapes gems and crystals, thus changing and enhancing the inherent powers and effects of the stone.

The story of the Crystal Mage

“They say that any technology, if advanced far enough, appears to be pure magic for the eyes of normal people. This is correct – partially. I know what I’m talking about, because I’m one of those, who are still able to cross the bridge that separates both worlds. Many people consider us nothing more than a bunch of direful evil mages, who, mostly unnoticed by the rest of the world, are summoning dark things. That’s nonsense! We are merely using, what the world is giving. Even if we have to snatch it out of the depth of the earth. No, we’re not doing this by ourselves. Our … well … servants take care of that. In return, we feed and protect them .. from the other things, which eventually appear from below the earth. What we’re really looking for are crystals. Not the shimmering gems, used to make fancy knickknack. The crystals are much older and the powers within are the powers of inception, the powers of creation. Not everyone is able to recognize the powers of the crystals. Some of us are born with this ability. Spotting the talented, teaching and forming them, is one of our prime concerns. Because that’s the only way to increase the power of the Order and make it strong enough to change the world back into a place, where old principles are in effect and respected. Do I share all the goals of my Order? I don’t have an outright answer to that. On one hand, we’re controlling great powers, which are steadily growing. Powers to change, powers to reshape, powers to destroy the oppression of the people of the entire world: religions, superstition, false gods. On the other hand, the powers we study can easily beguile the weaker minds, turning them into cruel abominations. And I can not exclude any of my sisters and brothers from that. I watch, I learn and I believe, that I will be able to use the powers of the crystals to destroy the injustice in this world and prevent the fall of darkness. I will stay vigilant.”

(to be continued...)

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