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The Status Quo

It is the year 789 in the calendar of the emperors-elect and the fifth year of the interregnum.

The great dominions of Aetherra are continuing to fiercely struggle for the abandoned throne of the Great Emperor. The political disputes are evolving increasingly in the direction of an armed conflict that is threatening to plunge the entire continent into bloody chaos. That is why – unnoticed by most everyone – a much bigger danger can rise up over all living being of Aetherra. A power so immense that it can spoil the face of the world for all times.

Some call it the “Great Shadow,” others know this dark primitive force as the Drift. Unleashed by the wish of men for more and more power and their attempt to use the elementary forces of the spheres of old magic for their own gain, the shadow is gathering faster and faster. If the connection to the spheres of the Drift aren’t severed, Aetherra will be standing at the dawn of a new era of complete darkness or even face complete destruction.

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