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Contributing Quest Writeups


  • Use the quest template as a guide
  • Take a look to a finished quest page and use it as reference

Content: Header

  • For difficulty, use the following text to describe the difficulty stars: "1 star", "2 stars", "3 stars", "4 stars"
  • For quest giver add the NPC link
  • For location, specify place and region using links for both
  • For next/previous quest, use the quest link or the "None" text if doesn't apply

Content: Quick Walkthrough

  • Use list format this way:
* step 1
* step 2
* ...
* step N

Content: Detailed Walkthrough

  • Describe the full quest with detail
  • Use your writing skills to entertain the reader
  • Add images to show where to go, who to talk or what to do
  • Add screenshots of the dialogs

Content: Enemies

  • Add templates of the main quest enemies
  • Add links to other possible enemies as additional information

Content: Logbook

  • Add logbook images! Always!
  • If the logbook text is too long, as as many screenshots as needed
    • This should mean two screenshots, needing three of them would be strange
    • If more than three are needed, ask first in the forum!!

Content: Notes

  • Write any notes here if there's any additional information to be mentioned


  • Use the proper category tags that match your quest
    • General quests should be categorized as quests as well as side quests
    • Chain quests should be categorized only as chain quests
    • Individual quests in chain quests should be categorized only as quests
    • Class specific quests should be categorized only as class quests
    • Main campaign quests should be categorized either as light campaign quests or shadows campaign quests
    • Ice and blood quests should be categorized as ice and blood quests
    • CM quests should be categorized as community patch quests


  • Use frames according to the template
    • Single screenshots should be framed
    • Related map and tabmap screenshots should be framed toghether (see template!)
  • Use 1280x1024 resolution if possible
    • Try to keep when possible the same aspect ratio
    • Do not use portrait clipping, will cause half of te page to be empty!
  • Do NOT change the shown size specified in the quest template
    • You should remove the size tag only if the size is exactly the same
  • You can clip your images down, but don't clip too much
    • 800x600 is ok for map and tabmap images
    • 1024x768 is ok for general camera images
    • dialogs must be clipped to their exact size (like this one)
  • Images must be saved in JPG format (65-75% quality)
    • This can vary depending on the image, apply common sense
    • Images should not be bigger than 200 Kb
    • Images can be GIF for dialogs
    • GIF means max.256 colors: use it wisely!