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==Removing Buffs==

Some enemies in game have the ability to disable player buffs such as the White Griffin's or a champion Dark Fairies lightening attack. This is typically referred to as a "deBuff"(de=deactivate).

To remove buffs in the game can:

- some traps (Abishai summons them for example)
- a chain ice lightning (some champions and White Griffin)
- CAs of the some characters such as "Archimedes Beam" with gold "Annul" modification, Expulse magic, Dryad's Black Curse with gold "Dispel" modification.

If the character has a chance to block\reflect combat arts, then successfully hitting from the chain lightning does not necessarily mean that all of buffs will be removed. For each attempt to remove buff (lightning may remove from 1 to 3 buffs, it depends on the level of CA) chance to block\reflect is calculated anew: lightning, successfully passed the test on the block\reflection, can cause damage, but don't remove any buff or only one\two of them. Buff is removed in reverse order from the third buff slot to the first.

Removing buffs by Expulse Magic can not be blocked\reflected, Expulse Magic doesn't save character from removing the buffs by enemy's EM circle. (see more about removing buffs mechanics in players contributed guides section)

==Debuff as a magic effect==

Monsters and characters can apply various effects, reducing different characteristics (movement/cast/attack speed, defence/attack value; damage mitigation can be lowered, armor value can be inverted). Debuff duration depends on this type - debuffs are divided into short (10 sec), long (30 sec) и custom (duration depends here on CA's level and modifications, custom debuffs are typically used by characters).

Don't include here things like Detrimental Magic Effects and Stun, because they have their own mechanics (see corresponding sections).

Debuffs cannot be removed by anything except Expulse magic Combat art, which can be used by High Elf and some bosses.

There is no any modifiers/defences/immunities against debuffs, power and duration can not be reduced.

Several different dubuffs stack, so an enemy can suffer from several effects at the same time. However, only one graphical effect is displayed at a time.

Similar debuffs don't stack usually, but they can, if the first and the second similar debuffs have a different power/duration. Reducing attack value modifications for High Elf's's Combat Arts "Frost Flare" and "Raging Nimbus" are added with each other multiplicatively (layerwise). For example, 120 Combat Art level "Frost Flare" and 105 Combat Art level "Raging Nimbus", used on the same enemy, will reduce target attack value by 66% at first and by 61% secondly. The final target attack value = x*0.34*0.39 = 0.13*x Due to the peculiarities of a chance to hit calculation this means, that High Elf will be hit by enemies 3-4 times less. To effect stacking a player must use Combat Arts with a difference of not less than 0.1 Combat Art level.

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