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Sera_9.gif Heals a considerable amount of the Seraphim's health or that of a targeted ally.


Sera_AspS_02.png - Celestial Magic


See also: Sacred 2:Combat Art Modifications
MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Remedy - Increase healing effect. (increased by 10hp + 20hp per CA level)
  • Recuperation - Temporarily increases the hitpoint regeneration effect. (20hp/s + 40hp/s per CA level healed)

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Prevention - Temporary protection from damage over time. (Note: this modification appears to also break Root effects, 100% chance; the in-game description may be incorrect)
  • Master Healer - Decreases the regeneration time of this spell. (1-1/(1+(500+10*calvl)/1000) percent decrease; ~34% at CA-Lvl 1, ~38% at CA-Lvl 10, 50% at CA-Lvl 50)

MODicons_08.gif Gold
  • Solidarity - Extends the healing effect to nearby allies. (33% + 0.2% per CA level effectiveness to allies, ~5.7m area (guess))
  • Antidote - Reduces the duration of all impediment and wound effects. (1-1/(1+(200+5*calvl)/1000) percent decrease; ~17% at CA-Lvl 1, 20% at CA-Lvl 10, ~31% at CA-Lvl 50)


The following skills will affect this combat art:

  • Celestial Magic Lore - improves combat art damage, critical chance and casting speed
  • Celestial Magic Focus - improves regeneration time and increases the maximum combat art level
  • Concentration - directly reduces regeneration time for this skill

Usage Strategies

The amount healed is also affected by the attribute Intelligence.

The most effective way to use this spell, is to use the bronze mod Recuperation, for the simple reason as it will boost the player hp regen by alot, making it a so called HoT (heal over time) effect. This will keep your health at a 100% when taking damage for as long as the effect lasts (10 seconds). The next very large benefit of this spell with this modification is, it will stack. If cast subsequently before the effect of previous casts have ended, the effect will stack, allowing for incredible healing effects and making the seraphim indestructible.

A very useful way to take advantage of this ability is to precast this spell just before entering combat, this way you know that if you might take some damage during combat, for the next 10 seconds, you will be healed up to full health. It is important though to not take this for granted and get over excited and forget that before those 10 seconds end you need to cast the spell again or you will be vulnerable.

The silver mod Master Healer significantly reduces regeneration time of this combat art, allowing to raise it higher for the same regeneration as before choosing this mod, and healing a larger amount, and with the recuperation mod, healing more hp per second during the 10 seconds it lasts.

On quests where you have an NPC traveling with you, you can heal the NPC with this Combat Art; therefore making the task of keeping the NPC alive much easier.

Pros and Cons


  • A real lifesaver in many situations
  • When modded for Recuperation, allows for near invulnerable characters


  • Can make a player reckless very easily
  • ...

Stats Chart

  • Duration (for Recuperation?) is 10 seconds.
  • Life healed is 20 + 40*CA-Lvl healthpoints.

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