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This is a rare modifier which can only be found upon certain types of weapons and as a bonus to certain Set Items. When using this modifier, for each successful hit, a player will gain the "+X%" amount of health from the enemy's hitpoints while inflicting the same amount of damage. The damage is unresisted. This modifier will have no effect if the character is already at full health. The effect can stack with the same modifier from different sources, eg. weapons and armor bonus together. This modifier is one of the most powerful damage modifiers in the game, and can kill a boss in a small number of successful hits as the damage being dealt by this modifier scales upwards infinitely as a percentage of an enemy's total initial hitpoints. This modifier will calculate the amount of damage for all hits against the same enemy from the initial hitpoints of the monster being targeted and will continue to deal out that initial damage until the enemy is killed. This results in that largest percentage of damage calculated (initial) being used for every consecutive further hit against that same enemy until killed. The percentages usually to be found on weapons or armor have less use against weaker, normal enemies than against champions or bosses due to the larger number of hitpoints of these more difficult enemies which add to the amount of damage and hitpoints being drawn back to the player from the enemy that is leeched by this modifier. This modifier will only work with melee/ranged attacks and weapon-based Combat Arts. It will not work when using spells or secondary effects (Burn, Poison, etc.)

Availability of Leech life from opponents +X% as Item Modifier using Bargaining

If a character has a high level of Bargaining, it becomes possible to shop Life Leech % weapons at the merchant. These weapons will not appear regardless of Bargaining level, until the character reaches level 10, as this is the lowest level that these modifiers will spawn. This level minimum is on both consoles and PC. To have a good chance of getting these weapons, it is ideal to have bargaining at 3 times your character level or more. For example, a level 10 character should have level 30 bargaining to have a good chance at finding these weapons.

Availability of Leech life from opponents +X% as Item Modifier

It can be found on the following Legendary weapons as item modifier:

The following Unique:

The following Unlock Weapon:

This mod can also be found or bought upon the following types of weapons:

It is also available on the following sets as a full set item bonus as a gold modifier:

This modifier is available on the following unlock items as a gold modifier:

Leech life from opponents +X% as Enemy Combat Art

The following enemies possess this very rare modifier as combat art, which makes them extremely dangerous. They are to be approached or run away from with all possible caution:

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