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==See Also==
*[[Sacred 2:Dragon Mage|Dragon Mage]]
*[[Sacred 2:Combat Arts|Combat Arts]]
*[[Sacred 2:Skills|Skills]]
*[[Sacred 2:Combat Art Modifications|Combat Art Modifications]]
[[Category:Sacred 2 Combat Arts]][[Category:Dragon Mage Combat Arts]]
[[Category:Sacred 2 Combat Arts]][[Category:Dragon Mage Combat Arts]]

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maelstrom.gif Enemies are slowed and weakened in the area of effect, missiles are slowed (casts a massive dome over the targetted area).


DM_Asp_03.gif - Mentalism

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1)

  • Missile Slowdown: 200%
  • Decrease of Enemy's attributes:-11%+0.1%*level
  • Duration: 8.0s+0.06s*level
  • Enemy Speed:-50%-0.3%*level


See also: Sacred 2:Combat Art Modifications
MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Grind - Further reduces the armour of enemies in the Maelstrom. (physical -50+0.2*level (fixed or %?))
  • Burden - Enemies are slowed down in the Maelstrom. (20%+0.2%*level)

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Extension - Maelstrom duration increased. (4s+0.03s*level)
  • Thicken - Missiles are slowed down in the Maelstrom. (200%)

MODicons_08.gif Gold
  • Demoralize - Attributes are further decreased in the Maelstrom. (5.5%+0.1%*level)
  • Thicken - Missiles are slowed down in the Maelstrom. (200%)

Skills and Attributes

The following skills will affect this combat art:

  • Mentalism Lore - improves damage, critical chance and casting speed
  • Mentalism Focus - improves regeneration time and maximum combat art levels
  • Concentration - directly improves regeneration time
  • Stamina reduces regeneration time as usual.

Usage Strategies

  • Given its slowing effect, Maelstorm is very well-suited against enemies who have the annoying tendency of running away (such as archers and casters).

Combo Recommendations

  • Energy Blaze and Maelstorm make a fine combination. The blaze hurts a group of enemies, and if they survive, they will be severely crippled by the Maelstorm, leading to some much easier kills.

Pros and Cons



Stats Chart

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