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06.gif Damages the target and slows it down for a brief period. Increases the chance for victims to drop shrunken heads when they die of Twisted Torment.


DRY_Asp_02.png - Cabalistic Voodoo

Innate Abilities (Lvl 1)

  • Regeration Time: 6.1s
  • Damage (100% Magic): 5-5
  • Damage Frequency: 0.8/s
  • Opponent's Movement Speed: -17.0%


See also: Sacred 2:Combat Art Modifications
MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Encumber - Further slows down victims. (20% + 0.3% per CA level / +100% from base value)
  • Headhunter - Additionally increases the chance to receive a shrunken head when the victim dies. (+50% from base value)

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Tear - Increases damage over time. (50% increase)
  • Sadist - Increases duration of Twisted Torment. (40% increase)

MODicons_08.gif Gold
  • Envenom - Adds poison damage to Twisted Torment. (50% from base magic damage, but damage type poison)
  • Ravage - Increases the damage frequency of Twisted Torment. (25% increase)

Skills and Attributes

The following skills and attributes will affect this combat art:

Usage Strategies

  • Acute Mind will increase this Combat Art's damage.
  • By its description, this spell appears to be intended as a "hard hit" single-target damage-over-time spell. Unfortunately, this spell does fairly low damage in comparison to many other combat arts available to the dryad. Even when supported by a maximized Cabalistic Voodoo Lore and a high combat art level, and with modifications selected to maximize damage, unless it is supported by a large amount of bonus damage from equipment and/or a lot of points in Ancient Magic, the player will have to cast the spell multiple times to kill even a normal monster.
  • Since the spell has no useful debuff option aside from run speed, there are few applications where it is efficient compared to most other means of damaging monsters. Particularly on monsters with large amounts of hitpoints, and as game difficulty advances into Platinum, this spell becomes less and less useful as a method of killing enemies.
  • The main purpose why players use this combat art is to seek out specific shrunken heads. Players generally favour the rare (yellow, 2 star) heads found only on main quest bosses and the greater dragons. This technique involves casting multiple Twisted Torments which increases the chance for a shrunken head drop. The attacks from many Twisted Torments stack. Modded for the bronze mod Headhunter and the silver mod Sadist, it causes a higher chance of a shrunken head drop and longer duration which maximizes the chance for a head. Using a character near maximum character level in a difficulty level (e.g. 50+ for bronze, 90+ for silver) allows for little risk. Head level dropped is based on the level of the opponent. See the wiki page on shrunken heads for more details.

Pros and Cons


  • Great combat art for farming Shrunken Heads
  • Fairly short regeneration time


  • Does extremely low damage
  • Single target attack without many useful debuffs

Stats Chart

Level Regeneration Time Damage Damage Frequency Opponent's Movement Speed
1 6.1s 5-5 0.8/s -17.0%
2 8.1s 8-8 0.8/s -17.3%


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