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Sera_14.gif An energy field which partly absorbs incoming damage for as long as energy is available to maintain the field.


Sera_AspS_03.png - Revered Technology


MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Field Force - Strengthens the energy field and absorbs more damage until it is exhausted. (50% increase from base value)
  • Projectile Reflection - Chance to reflect projectile damage. (15% + 0.8% per CA level chance)

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Field Force - Improves the energy field and absorbs more damage until it is exhausted. (50% increase from base value)
  • Magic Mirror - Chance to reflect spell damage. (15% + 0.8% per CA level chance)

MODicons_08.gif Gold
  • Block - Blocks a fixed amount of damage from every successful hit. (4.5% + 0.5% per CA level)
  • Resource - Reduces the cost to maintain the shield. (50% + 0.5% per CA level decreased)


The following skills will affect this combat art:

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  • ...
  • ...
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Usage Strategies

Shield point regeneration time is 20 seconds at base, and can be improved with item boni, as well as the Mastery bonus for the skill Warding Energy Lore. For example, if a given shield has a total size of 1000 shield points, it will recover from empty to full at a rate of 1000/20 per second, or 50 shield points per second.

When damage is dealt to a character that is running a shield of some type, the damage is first reduced by armor and damage mitigation, and remaining damage that penetrates is divided between character health points and shield hit points. As total Absorption Warding Energy value approaches 100%, a larger proportion of incoming damage will be diverted to the shield, and less to character health points. When Absorption Warding Energy is equal to or greater than 100%, all incoming damage goes to the shield, and character health points do not go down due to incoming damage. Important note: Some effects that directly reduce player hit point total, e.g. the Garganthropod's weaken attack, may still decrease player health points despite the presence of the shield.

The statistic "Absorption Warding Energy", visible in white text on the sigma bonus summary, determines the base proportion of how the damage is split. This base statistic is determined by each type of shield:

  • Temple Guardian T-Energy Shroud has a base Absorption Warding Energy of 60%. It does not change with CA level.
  • Seraphim Warding Energy has a base Absorption Warding Energy of 50%. It does not change with CA level.
  • Seraphim Divine Protection has a base Absorption Warding Energy of 100%, which increases with CA level.

For items with the modifier "Modified by 'Warding Energy Lore'", the related modifiers scale up with Warding Energy Lore skill. This means that with increasing values of Warding Energy Lore, the boni provided by that item will increase in value as well. E.g., for an item that provides the "Block Warding Energy" bonus, that bonus will grow larger with skill increase.

Item Boni that Affect Shields

  • Block Warding Energy: This bonus directly improves how much damage the shield will mitigate. The mechanics of exactly how this is calculated are not exposed to the user, but it is likely a useful bonus.
  • Absorption Warding Energy: This bonus increases the proportion of penetrating damage that will be diverted to the shield. This can be very valuable in a case where the character has a smaller number of health points than shield hit points. Note that since Divine Protection starts with a value of at least 100% and can become quite large in the later game, it may not be useful to increase this bonus for use with Divine Protection.
  • Max. Shield Strength: Expands the total number of shield hit points. This is very useful and valuable for all shield types, but particularly the Seraphim's Divine Protection.
  • Shield Regeneration Rate: Increases the rate at which shield hit points are recovered. Note that Seraphim shields of either type do not recover shield hit points while in combat. Temple Guardian's T-Energy Shield can be modified to regenerate while in combat, but by default it will not.

Stats Chart

wardingenergy.jpg <vimeo v="334641" />

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