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Quick Walkthrough

Talk to Sergeant Treville.

Stop by the orc camp on your way to Urkenburgh and rescue Wilbur.

Escort Wilbur to see Prince Valor in Urkenburgh

Detailed Walkthrough

You get this quest when you first speak with Sergeant Treville. He tells you to go see Prince Valor in Urkenburgh.


A new quest marker appears on the map at the orc camp where Wilbur is being held. If you go see Prince Valor before you rescue Wilbur, he orders you to go rescue Wilbur.


Once you rescue Wilbur, he asks you to escort him to Urkenburgh.


When you speak with Prince Valor he thanks you for rescuing Wilbur and then sends you On a Diplomatic Mission


Logbook Entry

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Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair