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The new Diablo 2 Fallen Mod!

Welcome to SacredWiki, the largest reference for Ascaron's Online RPG

Sacred 3: Another Trailer! Slow Motion Gameplay!

This is a Slow Motion version of the Sacred 3 Gameplay trailer released March 19th which emphasizes the gameplay aspect of the trailer in all its glory!

Sacred 3 Official Trailer Released!

Deep Silver has announced action role-playing game Sacred 3 will be released this summer on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!

Sacred 3 will feature classical hack and slash combat and drop-in, drop-out online and offline co-op. The game will support two players offline, and four online. Character classes will include the franchise's trademark Seraphim, The Ancarian, Khukuhru and the Safiri, while introducing a new class, the Malakhim. Check it out all out at DarkMatters/SacredWiki!

Latest SacredWiki and Sacred 2 Game News

WE'RE BAAACK! July 25th, 2013 AfteWBI4BWtBAtEr a long absence, the SacredWiki is back in action! Well... Mostly. The wiki has undergone several major upgrades - the software that runs the wiki, the database backbone and the intervening software engine that makes it all work all got a much needed upgrade! As such, with all that upgrading that went on, some things got broken. There are still a few items that don't quite work as yet, but we're getting there. If you happen to find something that isn't working, coughing up a database error, please feel free to report it at our sister site,

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Template:TestWiki:News/Community Patch for Sacred 2 Fallen Angel Ice & Blood

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Template:TestWiki:News/Sacred 2 Ascaron Double Feature! Patch 2.34 and Ladder

Template:TestWiki:News/Sacred 2 Interactive Map of Ancaria!

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SacredWiki Featured Article

Secondary Damage Effects are a powerful way to enhance your build. By using damage converters like a Poison Fang and skills like Damage Lore you can boost your combat arts with devastating effects. But watch out - enemies can also cause these effects to you, so learn how to guard yourself! Make sure you're protected with modifiers like Detrimental Magic Effects -X% and don't forget to chug a Recovery Elixir!

SacredWiki's Featured Build on our Youtube channel:

High Damage Ice Elf Build

After the tremendous nerf to +All Skills and Deathblow, the challenge, after the release of Ice and Blood, was to create a purely magical build with no weapon lores or weapon combat arts that would be able to hammer down guardians while weathering their devastating assaults.

In Sacred did you know...

  • You can socket runes for important secondary effects that stack?
  • The more runes you read, the less that will drop as the game progresses?
  • You can defeat a group of Region Bosses if the kill counter reaches 999?
  • Ghost Meadow, if cast on another player, can reduce regeneration of their Combat Arts??
  • There is actually a unique axe that has 1 green socket?
  • The daemon is the only character who can't use the trading skill?
  • Skeleton skulls can be socketed into weapons and armor in Single Player Mode?
  • The Pure Water quest rewards you with a whiskey barrel that you can sell repeatedly?
  • Because seraphim CA's are mostly magic based, they make excellent undead killers?
  • Everytime you load up the Sacred game a new random Silly Message will appear?
  • Cataract of Agility will actually increase the Battle Mage's casting speed?
  • Mounts (Horses) in Sacred are another way of adding more healthpoints to your character?
  • While the Dwarf cannot use a horse, he can run up to a speed of 260?
  • The Vampiress can raise one of her freshly killed dragons to fight for her?