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Fallen Angel brings to us the introduction of ‘Aspects’.

Each character’s combat arts are grouped into three aspects, with each aspect allowing a certain style of playing. A Shadow Warrior, in this way, has the possiblity of a whole range of play styles by focusing or mixing Combat Arts from this choice of 3 aspects. From stalwart "tank" to a tactical warrior to the third aspect which involves his dalliance with necromancy, the Aspects allow for an unprecedented freedom regarding character abilities and development. The Shadow Warrior could specialize in one aspect and be played as a ‘tank’, or if he focuses on his second aspect he could become a more tactical warrior, whilst the third aspect is more necromantic in nature. The freedom to choose your aspects and combat arts allow players to create their own unique character. The ability to create a character that has Combat Arts chosen from just one Aspect or mix from all three allows combinations that will mirror the player's unique playing style.

Each single Combat Art can be modified individually by the player, an example of which would be a Fireball spell that variations allow the fireball to be customized and wielded as a succession of blazing rapid fire spheres, or instead as a large, explosive fire-and-forget projectile.



  • Capricious Hunter
  • Cabalistic Voodoo
  • Nature Weaver

High Elf


  • Arrant Pyromancer
  • Mystic Stormite
  • Delphic Arcania



  • Gruesome Inquisition
  • Astute Supremacy
  • Nefarious Underworld



  • Exalted Warrior
  • Celestial Magic
  • Revered Technology

Shadow Warrior


  • Death Warrior
  • Malevolent Champion
  • Astral Lord

Temple Guardian


  • Devout Guardian
  • Lost Fusion
  • Source Warden