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==<span style="color:red;">http://darkmatters.org/forums/style_images/mocha1.2/folder_post_icons/icon13.gif '''Warning'''</span>==
So far, up to patch 2.34, the "Chance to inflict serious open wounds" is bugged and can lead to a quick death.  This has been confirmed by an Ascaron employee.<br />
Reference:  [http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=9362 Serious Open Wounds Bug]
== Serious Open Wounds ==
== Serious Open Wounds ==

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icon13.gif Warning

So far, up to patch 2.34, the "Chance to inflict serious open wounds" is bugged and can lead to a quick death. This has been confirmed by an Ascaron employee.
Reference: Serious Open Wounds Bug

Serious Open Wounds

Serious Open Wounds is the deadliest of the four Wounds effects. It is a combination of Open Wounds and Deep Wounds, in that it causes bleeding damage and reduces the enemy's maximum hitpoints value.

See also Open Wounds, Deep Wounds, Deadly Wounds.


Serious Open Wounds has two effects:

  • Bleeding damage - The enemy will sustain five hits (each hit 1 second after the other), total damage of which roughly equals to 50% of the wounding blow (If your hit dealt 100 damage of pure Physical damage and triggered OW, the enemy will take five hits of 50 damage each)). Items or bonuses that modify damage output will change this percentage.
  • Reduction of hitpoints - will reduce the opponent's maximum hitpoints value by roughly 8%, for a duration of 10 seconds. The reduction is cumulative, so each consecutive triggered SOW will further reduce the opponent's hitpoints (again by 8% of the original hitpoint value). It is quite possible to reduce the enemy to 1 hitpoint, if the Attack Speed and SOW chance are high enough (this could be a bug).


Serious Open Wounds has the following Bleeding animation:


When the duration of SOW wears out, you will notice that the opponent's health bar will blink, and he will seem to "heal" an amount of hitpoints (he'll just get his maximum hitpoints restored). Here is what this blinking looks like:



Serious Open Wounds can appear on certain one-handed swords. This bonus always requires Sword Mastery to be unlocked (it does not require hard points in the Sword Weapons skill though, skill bonuses will unlock it).

It also appears as a gold mod (that requires no skill) on the following unique and set items: Orc Shock, Ilgard's Judgement (full set bonus)

Chance to inflict

Chance to inflict Serious Open Wounds scales with difficulty levels (except when it's not a full-set-bonus gold mod). A bonus on an item found in Bronze difficulty will improve when you move to next difficulties.

Chance for unlockable Serious Open Wounds will increase as you put more points in the Sword Weapons skill (or even with skill bonuses). Unlockable Serious Open Wounds have the following chances to inflict for each difficulty:

Difficulty 75 skill points 250+ points
Bronze: 6,5 % 15 %
Silver: 7,5 % 17,5 %
Gold: 8,6 % 20 %
Platinum: 9,8 % 22,5 %
Niobium: 10,8 % 25 %

Note that you need skill level 250 to reach the maximum value, regardless of difficulty.

The significantly higher chance to cast SOW is what makes this bonus vastly superior to the Deep Wounds effect. That's why it's worth the skill investment, high chance to cast along with multiple hits per second will mow down any enemy in seconds.