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From the New Books

Diaanja’s Studybook

The preparations are proceeding well! Khormynth made progress with the alignment of the latent forces while I read up on the theory of channeling. Sadly, the books on that topic aren’t very detailed. Only the records of Heriathos provide more specific information in some passages, but the reading is difficult. Old fashioned language, unspecific terms. Well, what can you expect from The Ancients? It is about time someone translated their texts and knowledge into modern language to preserve them. If only I had enough time.

The first attempt to expand a rift in the dimensional continuum into a portal, failed. The portal was unstable and collapsed after only a few seconds. Maybe three spells for stabilization aren’t enough. Be that as it may ... it is a setback. If something like that happens during the actual experiment, we are going to have a problem.

We couldn’t continue our work on the experiment for a whole week! Khormynth’s mother came for a visit and celebrated her birthday with us. Three days of family time and high spirits ... it’s just too much! It wouldn’t be as bad if she could busy herself with something, so we could continue our work, but no! The lady expects the all-inclusive entertainment program. We had a picnic. Went to gather mushrooms, of all things! Now I need to collect myself before my head explodes and my migraine kills me! I hope it will wear off quickly! If Kormynth decides to invite his mother over again, without consulting me first, he can go summon demons on his own in the future!

Progress! Our second attempt to create a portal was much more successful. The portal remained stable during the whole experiment. If we can manage that every time, we won’t have to worry about this pan of the experiment. We are a big step further!

We want to try our first summoning the day after tomorrow. We will keep the risk low and just summon a minor demon from a nearby dimension. We want to test the essence transfer properties and readjust them where necessary. I couldn’t find anything about this in the books, so we must rely on our observations.

The second and third attempt was successful, too! The essence transfers are sufficient, the portal is stable! We are planning our first serious summoning for next week!

How embarrassing! When I woke up this morning, Kormynth stood in the door, holding a huge bouquet of roses. I had totally forgotten that today is our wedding anniversary! And to make matters even worse, his mother had invited herself over. She will arrive tomorrow - wonderful. Looks like we won’t do the summoning this week, after all.

Despite another migraine attack, preparing for the summoning. Kormynth’s mother left after I offered her to participate as inspiring element in summoning. Khormynth resentful. Will have to wear reconciliation lingerie tonight.

The summoning is scheduled for tomorrow! So exciting! Khormynth still a little miffed - So what? Not my fault.

Awesome! The summoning was successful! The summoned creature looks strange but seems to be intelligent. I will study it for a few days, but it appears to have fully manifested on this plane. We can start to disassemble the portal over the next days.

Khormynth has been blubbering all evening, telling me I should apologize to his mother. Forget it! If anyone has to apologize, it’s that old shrew for invading our home and behaving like the empress of Thylysium herself! Sometimes I really wish ... AARGH!

Love letters! I found love letters among Kormynth’s notes! Cad! Wretched sewer rat! Excretion of a fetid cesspit dweller! He will pay for this! I won’t put up with this!

The demon is still here. Going to start studying that creature soon. At least it is more talkative than my loving husband whom I haven’t talked to for days now. Since I found the letters, the atmosphere is glacial. He denies everything, of course. And of course he doesn’t know how the love letters came to be among his notes. Right! His selective memory is nothing new!

Unbelievable! Simply UNBELIEVABLE! Khormynth accuses me to have staged the affair with the letters just to get rid of him, so I could finish the experiment on my own and get all the credit. How dare he! Portraying ME as the conniving mad bitch when it was HE who flirted with other women behind my back! That’s done it! I move out ... today!

Khormynth actually dared to ask me for annulment of our marriage and to leave him the house. I can’t believe it! As soon as my migraine attack has passed, I’ll show him who’s making the calls! If I have to, I will reduce this house to ashes and rubble! He thinks he can treat me like one of his servants! He’s in for a big surprise then. I swear on my life ... he will regret having messed with me, Diaanja!

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