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[[Sacred 2:Dragon Mage|Dragon Mage]]
[[Sacred 2:Dragon Mage|Dragon Mage]]
[[Sacred 2:Ice and Blood Map of Ancaria|Map of Ancaria]]
[[Sacred 2:Ice & Blood Map|Ice & Blood - Map of Ancaria]]
[[Sacred 2:Places_of_Ancaria#Ice_.26_Blood_Regions:|Places]]
[[Sacred 2:Places_of_Ancaria#Ice_.26_Blood_Regions:|Places]]

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Ice and Blood is the final expansion produced by Ascaron which features:


  • 2 new regions - The blood-soaked Cursed Forest and the Crystal Region
  • A new character – The Dragon Mage
  • Character personalization – Choose one of 7 heroes which now include configurable appearances.
  • Carrier Imp – The expansion allows all players who purchase it to summon the carrier imp which was only available before to those who had purchased the collector's edition of Sacred 2.new
  • New enemies, items and end bosses - New, unique items for heroes, the powerful Crystal Phoenix, the magical eye, scarab and more.
  • Two extra character creation slots.
  • Over 30 hours of additional gaming in Ancaria
  • Extras: The box contains a large map with the new regions of Ancaria

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Dragon Mage

Ice & Blood - Map of Ancaria


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Blood Region Bestiary