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* Extras: The box contains a large map with the new regions of Ancaria
* Extras: The box contains a large map with the new regions of Ancaria
== '''Ice and Blood links''' ==
== '''Ice and Blood links''' ==

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Ice and Blood: The Story

Sacred2 Ice and Blood Logo.png Welcome to Ice and Blood, the add-on to Sacred 2 Fallen Angel! Two new regions are waiting to be explored by you. There are new quests and puzzles to solve, dangers to overcome, mighty foes to defeat and new items to acquire. In short, everything a true hero can wish for!

The legendary Crystal Region of the Seraphim lies to the northwest of Ancaria. Only the best hunters will survive on the hunting ground of the winged ones. Hidden by impenetrable jungle for centuries, lies the horribly scarred Cursed Forest and a terrible mystery that can only be unravelled by a true hero.

If you would like to travel to either of these new and exciting regions, then proceed to Thylysium, the capital of the elfin kingdom. There at the harbour, search for the captain who will allow you passage to the respective part of the world.

And now, enjoy Ice and Blood!

Gameplay and Features:

  • 2 new regions - The blood-soaked Cursed Forest and the Crystal Region
  • A new character – The Dragon Mage
  • Character personalization – Choose one of 7 heroes which now include configurable appearances.
  • Carrier Imp – The expansion allows all players who purchase it to summon the carrier imp which was only available before to those who had purchased the collector's edition of Sacred 2.new
  • New enemies, items and end bosses - New, unique items for heroes, the powerful Crystal Phoenix, the magical eye, scarab and more.
  • Two extra character creation slots.
  • Over 30 hours of additional gaming in Ancaria
  • Extras: The box contains a large map with the new regions of Ancaria

Ice and Blood links


Dragon Mage

Ice & Blood - Map of Ancaria


Ice and Blood Screenshots

Set Items

Legendary Items

Unique Items


Crystal Region Bestiary

Blood Region Bestiary


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