Sacred 2:Kuan's Breath

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Kuan's Breath
All creatures on the battle field feel Kuan's Breath. Their recklessness causes them to kill everything in their path. Friend or foe, there will be no distinction: all will be annihilated.

In-game Description:
Kuan, the God of War, fills all opponents within reach with a blood rage. They are unable to distinguish between friend and foe rendering them easy prey for a true warrior.

Effect Description:
Causes enemies to lose focus on you and attack each other. They will deal damage to each other (though the Damage Details option to show damage as it's dealt will not show this) and the same enemies can still be attacked by the player.

Starting Values:

  • Regeneration Time = 1200 seconds (20 minutes)
  • Does Not Affect Targets Above Level = 2
  • Duration = 20.5 seconds