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Lahrian is an aged mage who lives in a small house on one of the beaches of the Golden Coast. His friends consider him a kind old man and worry about him a lot. He actually is old and suffers from several impairments. So he used his magic powers to create a Golem to do various work for him. When you meet him, he is sitting near his house, unable even to rise to greet your character. His Golem went missing so last days Lahrian had to do all the work himself, which surely is hard for him. He wants to create a new Golem, but is unable to gather all the necessary ingredients himself. That is why he has a task for your character.




  • How to travel to his place: If you have the Western Tyr Lysia portal active, you can follow the road south to the coast and then east until you find his house, which is on the beach. If you have the Monolith active at the southern end of this road, travel to that and head east along the beach until you find his house.
  • He does not appear until you start the Lahrian is Missing quest.