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magic.jpg Magic is one of the five basic Damage and Armor types. Magic damage can be inflicted via melee/ranged weapons and by using Combat Arts that have magic damage.

Blacksmithing Weapons and Secondary Effects

Magic damage can be added to a weapon by forging a Magic Pearl (Magic Pearl.png) into the damage converter slot on a weapon. This will also increase the weapon's Chance to Weaken, which is the Secondary Damage Effect (and Detrimental Magic Effect) of Magic damage. If successful, Weaken will reduce an enemy's Attributes by approximately 20% for a short period of time.

Armor Resistance

Increasing a player's Magic resistance via armor, skills, or by forging rings or amulets into equipment will decrease Magic damage done by opponents' melee, ranged or spell attacks.

Magic Armor is naturally granted by purple Relics, as well as by the skill Toughness. The Armor value against Magic damage can be further increased by the skill Armor Lore and by any item modifiers that increase Magic or Total Armor by either a percentage or a flat value. Damage Mitigation against Magic is another important modifier that will reduce the amount of Magic damage inflicted on the player.

Enemies using Magic damage can inflict Weaken on the player. To resist this Secondary Damage Effect, players should look for items with these modifiers:

Although Weaken does not actually inflict Magic damage, some attacks do inflict Magic Damage over Time. "Damage Over Time: Magic - X%" is a modifier that will reduce damage from these attacks.

Using Magic damage via weapon/ranged or spell versus an enemy who has tremendous Magic resistance can reduce a player's damage by a minimum of 50 percent! Therefore, players should always attempt to use Magic damage against enemies who have the least resistance to it, and switch to another damage type against Magically resistant enemies.

Combat Arts

Magic can be a default damage type of some class's Combat Arts. Depending upon the chosen combat art, it may be mixed with other damage types. For example, the High Elf's Cobalt Strike's elemental damage type starting composition is 67% Magic/36% Physical. This means that each of the bolts that strikes has a very good chance of inflicting Chance for Weaken, as the percentage of magical damage type in that combat art is 67%.

Certain Combat Arts may also increase the player's Magic resistance.