Sacred 2:Places of Ancaria

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Within the Regions of Ancaria there are many different places to explore. Here you will learn of those amazing places Ascaron has created for us to enjoy. Beautiful sites are to be found and perhaps even a trick or two will be told within the pages here of Places in Ancaria. Don't forget to bring a map on your travels!

Tyr Lysia the region of High Elves

Benny's Corn Circles

Blessed Rock Manor


Bluestone Lake

Brigand Camp

Broken Lance Tavern

Celestial Dome

Celioth's Tower


Clearview Ruins

Copper Peaks

Dragonmaw Pass

Forgotten Gardens

Garghadok's Destiny

Goblin Camp

Golden Coast

Happy Cow Farm

Jail Island

Kobold Camp

Libi's Pratfall

Monastery of Light

Old Navy Port

Sea of Heavens

Seraphim Valley

Shadowy Catacombs

Silken River



Strange Traveling Circus

Teardrop Hamlet

Temple Ruins

The Sleepy Badger


Thylysium Cemetary

Torreya Brook


Villa Boerdijk