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Ranged Inquisitor

By nokka

This will only be a short guide, as I have just started the build (currently gold level 43).

This build option has been weakened substantially since 2.31: With ranged weapons, Ruthless Mutilation (RM) used to target all enemies in front of the Inquisitor in a much greater radius than the actual shooting distance. Even with a very far zoom-out (using Schot's instructions here) I couldn't see where ranged RM's scope ended. As of 2.31, Ruthless Mutilation will only fire a small number of shots at opponents within weapon range (three, at lower levels; later maybe more).

Close combat weapons will hit up to at least five nearby opponents, which puts ranged weapons at a certain disadvantage.

Nevertheless, Ruthless Mutilation makes a good key CA for this build. Now for skilling, etc.


Tactics Lore (75+) (for boosts / damage)

Gruesome Inquisition Focus (75+) (for boosts / regen.)

Ranged Weapons

Speed Lore

Armour Lore


Concentration (75+) (for buffs)

Combat Reflexes

Astute Supremacy Focus (75+) (for boosts)


I took Astute Supremacy Focus for Reverse Polarity and Zealous Doppelganger and, just in case, Clustering Maelstrom*. (see below for uses) Otherwise, I would have taken Combat Discipline for regen and damage.

I'll add more on mastering skills when I actually begin to master them. Now I just said the most important ones, I think. Theoretically, we have enough skill points to master all of them (921 in total at lvl 200).

Attributes I put all in Dexterity for defense and damage.

Combat Arts

Gruesome Inquisition

Ruthless Mutilation: Main attack (see above explanation; with Ire, Dolor, Frenzy mods)

Callous Execution: For single opponents. (Bleed, Lacerate, Judgement)

Frenetic Fervor: For attack boost (Faith, Resolve, Relentless)

Purifying Chastisement: For single opponents (WIDD) (Purge/Mystic, Eradicate (Merciless in HC), Hallow)

Mortifying Pillory, as far as I can see, is partially a distraction and - more importantly - a kind of poisonous hard-hit. I have been using it against bosses in a combo after Callous Execution (after because of CE's hitpoint decrease). (mods: disgrace, proclamation, decay)

Astute Supremacy

Reverse Polarity: for reflect chances and defense. (Rebound, Counterblow, Evade)

Zealous Doppelganger: in HC for meat shield and (verification needed) an extra life. (Vigor, Domination, Companion)

Clustering Maelstrom*: for crowd control (Chaos, Gash, Vortex) and maybe Raving Thrust*: Works well in combinatin with Callous Execution: Push away, shoot, repeat. (Lash Out, Relay, Tumble)

Nefarious Underworld

Soul Reaver: attack and defense values (no real need for mods; but if, then Zealot, Source, Zealot if Zealot stacks)

As for the other CA's:

Nefarious Underworld is not aggressive enough for me: Dislodged Spirit and Inexorable Subjugation are against one opponent. Paralyzing Dread lowers stats and Eruptive Desecration doesn't sound like a mass kill CA.

Levin Array* isn't bad at all, in fact it has saved my character many times early in the game. I just had no use for it later.


I took the spider for Gruesome Inquisition regen. The other choice would have been the neutral spider.


Personally Testa, although I haven't tried Kuan.


Working with mobs:

Buffs: Soul Reaver, Reverse Polarity, later Zealous Doppelganger CA: Ruthless Mutilation, maybe Clustering Maelstrom*; possibly Callous Execution for strong survivors

Single Opponents:

Buffs: Reverse Polarity, Purifying Chastisement, later Zealous Doppelganger

CA: Callous Execution-Mortifying Pillory combo, maybe Raving Thrust*

As usual, cast CA's as often as possible otherwise just shoot them until CA is ready.

As I said, this is just a sketch and a plan to which I will hold my character and will see if the build is actually capable of holding its own against Niobium mobs and Bosses.

Wish me luck, have fun and thank you for your time.


  • Astute Supremacy CAs may not be very effective without Astute Supremacy Lore.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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