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[[Sacred 2:The Temple Guardian is a boss killer|The Temple Guardian is a boss killer]]
[[Sacred 2:The Temple Guardian is a boss killer|The Temple Guardian is a boss killer]]
[[Sacred 2:The Devout Guardian|The Devout Guardian]]

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Unique and General Game play Guides

Twin Boneslicers, The benefits of Dual Wielding Sword Weapons (Fallen Angel PC)

Dragon Mage Guides

The Sohei, A mentalism-polearm hybrid for Dragon Mage (Ice and Blood)

Elementalist, Mentalist, Dragon Magic Specialist (Ice and Blood)

The Pure Mentalist, A guide using only Mentalism Combat Arts. (Ice and Blood)

Dryad Guides

Voodoo Dryad (black magic woman), 1-100 in 20 hours or less(fast leveling shopper)

Trytesta (Console)

Totem Only - Voodoo Build, My Gatling Gun (Fallen Angel PC)

Unipuma's Dryad Guide (for lazy rich people) (Fallen Angel PC)

Putrescine's hybrid hunter Dryad.(Fallen Angel PC)

Kung-Fu Spider Girl Guide, Flip kicking net spitting (Fallen Angel PC)

The Dual Wield Intelligence Staff Nature Dryad, A Video Guide to Super Power

The Art of Character design: Volume 1- The Horse Dryad

High Elf Guides

Loco's Piromante (Ice & Blood)

High Damage Ice Elf Build (Ice and Blood)

The Self-Sufficient High Elf (Fallen Angel PC)

Lady in Black, the unknown member of Mib (Ice and Blood)

Kat`s Pyro High Elf Build - Flame On! (Fallen Angel PC)

DaBiggy's IceElf: A translated German Guide, Ice Elf Guide Version 1.1.2 (Fallen Angel PC)

Near-Invincible Ice Elf Build - Console

Frost - Ice Elf Build Guide (Console), From The Frozen Depths Of Ancaria

The Shield Maiden -a Valkyrie From the Land of Fire and Ice, Archer, Gladiatrix, Ice-Elf and more in a single build

Magic Coup Build (Fallen Angel PC)

Ghost Ranged High Elf

Inquisitor Guides

Darth Sion - Inquisitor Guide, Spider Ridin' Demon of Death (Console)

Inquisitor Guide: Wizard (Fallen Angel PC)

Inquisitor - "Corpse Explosion" Necro (caster), a caster Inquisitor designed to take on HC till the level cap

Eye of the Storm: a Hybrid Inquisitor Build (Console)

A comprehensive guide to the Pure Caster Inquisitor, with respect to all other similar builds

Ranged Inquisitor

Seraphim Guides

A Comprehensive Guide to the BFG Seraphim

Easy Rider, Pure Caster Rev-Tech Seraphim Guide to Mass Destruction (Fallen Angel PC)‎

Loco's la Chusa, Angel of Death (Ice and Blood)

The Queen of Blades, Dual Sword Shopper sera (Fallen Angel PC)

The Archangel Seraphim build, And the heavens shall tremble...(Fallen Angel PC)

The January Sales Seraphim, Part shopper, part treasure hunter, all mass-murdering goddess

Shadow Warrior Guides

Furian's Ultimate Warrior (Ice and Blood)

Mr. I Unlock Platinum Smithing Fast (Ice and Blood)

Tower of Power - A 3 Aspect, ranged weapon build(Console version), Level 3 sentry gun coming right up!

Kaiden's HC Shadow Warrior Defense Build and Guide

Shadow Warrior Guide: Astral Malevolent Champion (Fallen Angel PC)

The Knight (1h-Weapon and Shield), designed to plow through Niobium HC, until level cap

Shadow Warrior - Duel Wield Build By wraithking, Level 200 based

Temple Guardian Guides

Source Warden & E-Shield - level 200 Utility build, Designed for Ice & Blood

Temple Guardian: Character Guide, All the information you might need to build up your own succesful Temp

The Utility Temple Guardian (Fallen Angel PC)

A Stunning Conclusion: Temple Guardian Build/Guide

The Temple Guardian is a boss killer

The Devout Guardian