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High Cambria’s wealth is a direct result of all the trading with the territories. But it also controls an abundance of ore and other natural resources which results in a high level of technology. After his stepfather’s death, the gambler decides to leave the territories, eventually reaching the dominion of High Cambria where he spends the rest of his youth.


The Blademaster is a Bhay-Yan, an “Initiate of Steel”, receiving the highest ranks of martial arts. He handles all kinds of blade weapons with deadly precision and devastating destruction. Furthermore, he gained insight to the fine art of forging steel and can modify and reinforce his weapons and armor all by himself. If you want to experience our world from a melee fighter’s point of view, the Blademaster is the perfect choice.

Crystal Mage

The Crystal Mage is a young adept, still in the middle of her studies. She is blessed with talent, but not sure if she is able to support the Order’s political ideologies. Eventually, when it’s either world domination of her sisters and brothers or preventing the rise of darkness, she will have to make a tough decision. The Crystal Mage hast mastered the noble craftsmanship of gem cutting. She reshapes gems and crystals, thus changing and enhancing the inherent powers and effects of the stone.