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* [[Sacred 2:Greedy Rodents|Greedy Rodents]] (black oaks)
* [[Sacred 2:Greedy Rodents|Greedy Rodents]] (black oaks)
* [[Sacred 2:Greedy Scoundrels|Greedy Scoundrels]] (valeview, chain-quest)
* [[Sacred 2:Greedy Scoundrels|Greedy Scoundrels]] (valeview, chain-quest)
* [[Sacred 2:Take the Bull by the Horns|Take the Bull by the Horns]] (black oaks)
* [[Sacred 2:The Spirit of Atherton|The Spirit of Atherton]] (griffinborough)
* [[Sacred 2:Swords to Plowshares|Swords to Plowshares]] (orcish byway)
* [[Sacred 2:The Wedding Gift|The Wedding Gift]] (artamark's gate)
* [[Sacred 2:Stop the Golem|Stop the Golem]] (orcish byway)
* [[Sacred 2:Punishment for the Traitor|Punishment for the Traitor]] (artamark's gate)
* [[Sacred 2:Rescuing the Leprosy Station|Rescuing the Leprosy Station]] (urtak's moxie)
* [[Sacred 2:Her Last Will|Her Last Will]] (west-skookemchuck)
* [[Sacred 2:Ghost Whisperings|Ghost Whisperings]] (black oaks)
=== NPCs ===
=== NPCs ===

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This is Zeno

  • Yes, I'm Zeno
  • I'm from Barcelona (that's Spain)
  • I play Sacred Fallen Angel :)


  • I think I can manage to spend some hours a week here... I have to admit I missed it! :P
  • Current status is:
    • Quests: Writing random Artamark quests
    • NPCs: I keep adding new random NPC pages

Sacred 2 Places

Current status: Well... this looks like done, uh?! D:

Sacred 2 Quests

Current status: Artamark quests


Current status: Adding more and more NPCs to the wiki.

  • Sacred 2 NPC pages not matching template layout:
Archaeologist's Sister (very similar though)

Frustrated Archaeologist (very similar though)


Hunter Apprentice Tiraen

Mage School Graduate

Nimantus the Lumberjack

Scout Jalenthil

  • Sacred 2 NPC pages which should be somehow [i]special[/i]/moved/removed/whatever:


SWIE are initials for SacredWiki Image Editor

This is a small image manipulation program for windows which is specifically thought to load sacred screenshots, crop them to proper sizes and save them in JPEG format. The objective of this tool is to make easier these tasks, in order to save as much time as possible when dealing with screenshots. Ask in the DarkMatters forum if you want to know more about it.


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