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Vampiress Set Items Vampiress Set Items

Technical Data

Class: Vampiress

Set name: Arhles T'gaw's Net

Set item names:

Number of pieces: 6

Available sockets: 10

Occupied equipment slots: Helmet, Armor, Greaves, Bracers, Boots, Ring

Major resistances: Poison, Magic

Minor resistances: Fire

Bonus to Combat Arts

Hard hit

Bonus to skills


Weapon Lore



Bonus to attributes



Item modifiers

Experience gained from monsters +X%

Percent to all resistances +X%

Spell Resistance +X

Chance to land a critical hit +X

Shock Opponent +X

Chance of finding special items +X

Damage received reduces gold, saving health +%

For attack and defense +X%

Find Additional Potions +X

Chance to trap flying opponents +X%

Banish Undead +X

About the set

This set makes riding knight build possible as the set provides huge boost to riding. It also deals special unresisted extra damage as last set bonust. Overall this set is greatly balanced giving bit of everything from critical hit to extra experience, leaving all sockets free to use in everyway you need. Really good choice for pure knight builds.

The set bonuses

Items needed Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium
Riding 2 +5 +6 +8 +10 +11
Chance to trap flying opponents 4 20% 26% 33% 40% 46%
Magic resistance 5 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%
as dark damage 6 6% 8% 10% 12% 14%

Special bonus

Dark damage, extra damage you get as final set bonus which is unresisted. Meaning foes don't have any resistances against this extra damage. This extra damage is percent of your current amount of dealt damage. So improving you damage, extra damage will also raise.

Recommended pieces

Boots, Helmet, Ring, Bracers or full set.