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Vampiress Set Items Vampiress Set Items

Technical Data

Class: Vampiress

Set name: E'sal Hy-Lef 's Vicissitude

Set item names:

Number of pieces: 6

Available sockets: 12

Occupied equipment slots: Helmet, Armor, Boots, Bracers, Greaves, Shoulders

Major resistances: Physical and Fire

Minor resistances: Poison

Bonus to Combat Arts

Turn Into Vampire
Hard Hit
Blood Kiss
Claw Jump
Master Bite
Awaken Dead
To all combat arts

Bonus to skills


Weapon Lore

Bloodlust (as set bonus)

Bonus to attributes




Item modifiers

Extended Night +X%

Chance for open wounds +X%

For attack and defense +X%

Banish Undead +X

Enemies die on sight +X%

Shock Opponent +X

Spell Resistance +X

To all combat arts +X

Increased light radius +X

Each hit draws life from opponent +X%

About the set

This set is special in way that it will extend time in vampire form as last set bonus. Really handy for players who don't want to turn into vampire that often. Also this set provides really good base for necromancer vampires or vamp form fighter who likes to awaken dead minions.

The set bonuses

Items needed Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Niobium
Bloodlust 2 +5 +6 +8 +10 +11
Turn into Vampire CA 4 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
Shock Opponent 5 +5 +6 +8 +10 +11
+X% Turn into Vampire 6 +40% +53% +66% +80% +93%

Special bonus

+X% turn into vampire as last set bonus. This means time in vampire form is extended +X% and amount of this bonus depens on difficult level.

Recommended pieces

Helmet, Shoulders, Armor