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Ancarians is an polish fansite created by Pitunia and thek and our target is gather all available information in polish, for polish users/community. We are new site but experienced players who now are focused on Sacred2 but we don't forget about big community still playing in Sacred Plus and Underworld. For them that part (small at this moment) will be updated soon with more data. Our site is user-oriented so they can write news, articles, and of course posts on forum. This two first only should be accepted by crew and are publicated on main page under writers name. We don't tolerate rude so you may be sure that on site is friendly atmosphere.

Sacred Underworld Overview:

  • info. on all 8 Characters
  • info about Regions
  • builds
  • under construction much more :)

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Overview:

  • fresh news from many polish, english and german sources,
  • Game Overview including minimum requirements for PC,
  • Skill Info, Combat Arts, Attributes, Gods, God skills
  • Game Basics like Interface,
  • Bestiary (still updated)
  • and will be more :)

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