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srboli.png The Seraphim conjures two rotating blades of light. These blades move along with her and will damage any foes passing too close to the Seraphim. RBOL (rotating blades of light) is most often used as a shield by the seraphim to inflict damage upon monsters coming near the character. The spinning lights make a loud roar as it lifts off the ground to envelope the seraphim in a rotating, double-helix. The damage done by RBOL is a half and half mix of physical and magical damage. The mix of damage gives it some flexibility regarding the resistances of other monsters. As a buff, it is an almost integral part of the seraphim's arsenal of weapons, and when combined with life leech, it offers an excellent method of regaining health points that are lost in battle. The shield offers no protection against magical bolts or ranged weapons. RBOL can also be cast as a buff upon others whom the seraphim is partied with, which will imbue the cast-upon character with damage abilities. If the RBOL is cast upon another member of the party, the health points leeched from another character this way are transferred to the seraphim, offering her protection but helping the party with damage, all from a distance.

Usage Strategies

  • Cast RBOL from a weapon slot that has weapons with a high level of RBOL on them via item abilities or socketed rings. This way a seraphim can switch to the rbol casting slot, cast a high leveled RBOL, and then switch back to a melee slot, which would have the RBOL regenerating at a much faster rate...the rate set by the weapons in the melee slot.
  • Use RBOL as a way of leeching back health points rather than drinking red potions.


  • Constant damage done to creatures that attack with melee.
  • Ability to leech back health points when combined with life leech via worn items.
  • Can be cast upon fellow party members to increase the party's overall damage capacity, protect weaker members or allows a supplementary form of health point recuperation.
  • Long buff time of maximum 120 seconds


  • Does not protect against ranged weapons or magical ranged attacks.
  • Can be slow to cast.
  • Can run out in the middle of a battle, thereby greatly reducing the seraphim's ability to inflict damage in the battle and, as well, recuperate health points.
  • Some monsters, such as the Frazzler, run up close to the Seraphim, but do not actually engage in melee combat, instead standing just outside the range of the RBOL, making Frazzlers a unique sort of ranged characters that emulates the behaviour of a melee character. A seraphim standing in one place while thinking that it's RBOL will protect it, will instead suffer repeated blows from the Frazzler who will not come close enough to be touched by the RBOL shield.