Sacred:The Enslavement of the Dwarves

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The Enslavement of the Dwarves

Klom was the leader of the Dwarves and Anducar summoned him. Without a word, Anducar transformed Klom into a Subkari. He called this second Demon Lord 'Fingoniel' and like Ssskrak before him, this demon turned into a loyal follower of his master. In addition to his exceptional powers of magic that allowed him to seize control over any living being's mind, Anducar now had two powerful Subkari by his side.

With their assistance, he began to drive the Dwarves away. There were still many of them left, but they were tiring and becoming resigned to defeat against Anducar's unholy magic. The Dwarves began to submit and the Subkari herded them to the threshold of the Depths of Death. There they were told to remain, as their new master required their services. The handful of humans whom he had brought to Menelgond were no longer required, nor were the Dryads.

Anducar chose the strongest of the humans and transformed him into yet another Subkari. He called him 'Ceriri'. He proceeded to turn all other humans into Mohkva and placed a curse on them, preventing them from ever leaving Menelgond. It would have been in his power to return them to the upper world but he relished the thought of binding the Mohkva to this realm. Finally, he turned his attention to the Dryads.

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