Sacred:The Haduk and the Nuk-Nuk

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The Haduk and the Nuk-Nuk

The new ruler of the Depths of Deaths surrounded himself with his personal guards. Perversely, he also desired to populate the land of Menelgond again, but with creatures of his own. And so it was that he created the Haduk, stocky and simple-minded beings, and had them slave away in the forests of Menelgond for his own purposes. The Haduk were kept, unwittingly, at Anducar's disposal for the day when he decided to destroy the Dryads once and for all. Finally, Anducar amassed enough forces within the Depths of Death and Menelgond.

However, the Garema who had been purged from the world were not restful. Some had awakened from their mummified slumber and wandered around their old lands and former houses. With their memories gone, all that animated them was an unrelenting hatred for every living thing. Anducar watched with amusement, taking pleasure in the extended plight of the Garema. He tolerated these tiny mummies and did not disturb their dwelling of the ruins.

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