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Wolfe's Lair is an English fansite created by Nightwolfe to cover everything you could ever want to know about Sacred Underworld and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel!

Sacred Underworld Overview:

  • info. on all 8 Character Classes
  • tons of Game Basics guides for MP and SP
  • screenshots of every Set and Unique Item in the game so far
  • detailed walkthrough that includes every Main Quest and Side Quest in Sacred Underworld
  • detailed walkthroughs for all the Easter Eggs
  • Maps, Stash Locations and Portals for the entire world on Ancaria
  • detailed directions for all the Dragons
  • Bestiary - (Under Construction)
  • and plenty more miscellaneous things for you to check out!

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Overview:

  • Game Overview including minimum requirements for both the PC and XBox 360 versions
  • tons of Game Screenshots, Character Art and Concept Art
  • Skill Info. for the two characters announced so far
  • Plus tons more to come as we reach the release date!!!

Forum Overview:

  • our forum has been open and continuously active for just over a year and a half
  • some great Character Builds
  • Game Glitches info.
  • The WpC Clan
  • and tons of other great gamers!

Come visit us anytime!

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