Sacred 2:A guide to the Orc Cave - your easy way to a ton of XP and drops!

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A guide to the Orc Cave - your easy way to a ton of XP and drops!

By Dobri

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Gogo gave us some info from GagleKas who posted some interesting stuff on the SIF concerning a cave in the Orc Region which is a source of wicked amounts of XP, drops, money and everything your heart desires. The rumor appeared to be... TRUE!!!

However, before you go running to that cave to see the big deal, you should be aware of some things.

1. The 4 orcs in the cave run fast, have a very fast attack and hit like a ten ton truck. 2. The cave is very small - rangers and casters are severely hindered by the lack of space to run. 3. The cave has a bridge. If you're a ranger or caster and you're forced to fight on it, you're in for a tough battle. 4. There is already a pile of HC players' corpses of each class in this cave (figuratively speaking). High Elves seem to have died the most there. Be careful 1smile.gif

If you're still willing to try your hand at it... Good luck :)

1. Getting there.

There are a few easy ways to get to this cave. My favorite is from the monolith near the cave you need to cross to get to Octagolamus. Although it's a long way, you can use this strategic point to do both boss runs and cave runs. The fastest way to the cave is from the village of Karagh. Just activate the monolith there and you're all set. This is a picture of these 2 options:


Another possibility is to use the Mount island port. Move to the port, use the boat to get to Karagh and make your way to the cave like this:


2. The Orc Cave.

Let's start with a view of the cave. This is the layout of the cave (maximum zoom):


You see it's very small, and it's very difficult to maneuver in there. Now let's take a look at the cave from within and analyze. There are 4 orcs and 2 spiders in this cave. The orcs always appear on the same spot in the middle of the cave. The 2 spiders can range from ordinary mobs to champions. They can be found near the orcs, near the chest, near the throne or near the entrance. Their spawn position is completely random. This is the interior of the cave and the spawn positions.


If the spiders are close to the orcs, all (or most of) of the orcs will charge the spiders, which gives you some free hits, unless you're bothered by spiders near the entrance. The worst case scenario is that the 2 spiders are at the entrance and you're forced to deal with them first, while the orcs are charging at you.

YOU MUST NOT LOOT any chests and crates found in this cave. They force it to stop respawning quickly. It is highly advisable to spend less time inside. Just kill, pick up the loot and leave.

3. What can you expect.

The orcs are Orc Warrior Champions. They have Physical resistance only, their attack is purely physical (978 damage at mob lvl 79, about 550 at mob level 55, thank you Zinsho for the info), and they have a lot of HP's (11.3k at mob lvl 78, alone in the server). The spiders are easy so no worries about them. Using poison relics is a must though 1smile.gif

4. Increasing your chances of survival.

A lot of defense and a lot of HP is what's needed here. These champion orcs have a generally high chance to hit, and you need to be able to take the beating without dying. This means you need some (if not all) of these: high def value, armor lore, constitution, combat reflexes, toughness and shield lore. Then you need to hit hard and stock up on healing pots. Life leech would be nice as well.

5. The drops.

First of all, always keep a Mentor potion up and running while you fight here. Orcs tend to drop a lot of HP and Mentor pots. Other drops consist of high quality set items (I got armantin belt and blazing shoulders here, both 3-socket), high quality uniques (I got seyr's klinge, executioner's axe, officer's saber, a ton of polearms and an artamark's star), various magic items and almost no runes 1smile.gif So this cave isn't good for the rune farmers.

6. Additional tips.

- The cave is ready for a re-entry as soon as you leave it. - Lag may cause the orcs to appear a bit late. If you see that the cave is empty, don't give up just yet. Re-enter a few times and see what happens. If it's still empty after 4-5 re-entries, then you can give up 1smile.gif - Seems like porting back to Start island and returning to the cave doesn't force the cave to reset... So the best option is to start a new server and do the Cave runs again. EDIT: It was noted on the SIF and I can confirm it: taking too long to finish the mobs may force them to stop respawning. So it's best to be quick 1smile.gif

The bottom line is that High Elves, chars with mediocre armor and Purifying Chastisement Inquisitors are going to have a very tough battle on their hands here. I already lost 3 chars in this cave (HC Closed net HE, an Inquisitor and a Dryad in HC SP) and my HC MP BFG-shopper seraphim almost bit the dust as well - 3.5k armor, 8k HP weren't enough to survive the battle and I ported back to start island while pumping the space key like crazy. Granted, she has only armor lore and constitution... They're not always enough 1smile.gif Especially with that need for click patch 2.40 gave us to change targets and attack...

P.S> This cave proved the perfect leveling place for the Astral Lord SW. Being cloaked all the time is a blessing. The Astral SW is a very slow killer by default, and this cave compensates for this big time. So I strongly suggest you astral guys to utilize it to the best of your potential.

P.S.S> For a better view of the cave and better understanding of the things that are in store for you, I've made a 2:27 minute clip for you all. You will see where the orcs spawn, where the chest that you must not touch is, and what can you expect. I hope you enjoy it... although I'm sort of dissatisfied by the quality youtube provided. I may try something like xfire as well...

Here we go!

Here's the link if you can't get it to view in HQ or full screen:

I hope you like it 1smile.gif

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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