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Akebono Tarō, born May 8, 1969 as Chad Haakeo Rowan, is a retired American born-Japanese sumo wrestler from Waimānalo, Hawaiʻi. He became enamored with the sport of sumo wrestling and went to Japan to compete. Rowan flew to Japan in early 1988. Adopting the shikona of Akebono, meaning "new dawn" in Japanese, he made his professional debut in March 1988.

He's best known in Sumo circles as the first foreign born wrestler to achieve the title of Yokozuna in January 1993- the highest level in Sumo wrestling. He retired in 2001 after an 8 year reign as a Yokozuna. He's also quite a big boy - towering in at 6 foot 8 inches (2.03 meters) tall, and a rather hefty 510 pounds (233 kilo, 37.6 stone)

He is also known for being quite injury prone (because of his size) during his career - he fell awkwardly in 1994 and required surgery for his knee injury and had a herniated disc problem that sidelined him for three successive tournaments - which likely brings us to his appearance in Sacred 2...

In the shadow-side quest, Doctor Muchthink, our hero is asked by an ogre shaman named Brartislarfass to gather 3 hands (15) goblin tendons so he can patch Akebono's injuries. It would seem Akebono Tarō's become quite desperate in his athletic "old age" (he's in his 40's as of this writing).

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