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The Arch Mage is the teacher in charge of the Celioth's Tower Academy, where the best magicians are graduated. You meet him when he is examining his students in magic. If your character is a High Elf, the Arch Mage is your character's magic teacher.



  • Arch Mage is quest giver for Duel! quest, the first on the single player High Elf main campaign.

An Enemy

  • Shadow path High Elf would have to fight the Arch Mage during her first single player campaign quest. See his characteristics as an enemy below:

Damage Types:

Weakest Against:

Quest:Duel! - Shadow Campaign

Quest Location: Celioth's Tower in Tyr Lysia

  • As an enemy he can attack you with magic (green poison-balls).
  • Though you'd have to fight him, he won't show up in the last opponent window since your character won't kill him. He would die after talking to your character once more.


  • For High Elf Arch Mage will only be visible at the begining of the single player main campaign
  • All the other characters can meet Arch Mage in campaign mode. He would offer them a dialog, but won't give a quest.