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Ancaria is filled with works of art created by the various races which inhabit it. Elves and Humans draw and paint on canvas, while Dryads ink various tattoos on their bodies. Even the savage Orcs show an artistic side. This is a gallery of the art created by the denizens of Ancaria. For the designs the various factions have on their flags and armor, see Heraldry.


These paintings are mainly found in Tyr Lysia and Artamark, where Elves and Humans live. Thylysium in particular features many of these paintings as artists display their creations in the streets and around their homes. Two paintings actually seem to be scenes from Sacred 1!

See also: Sacred 2:Fine Art for locations on where to find these paintings in-game.

Unfinished Paintings

Similar to the paintings above, these works are mostly Human and Elf creations. However, these paintings need more work, or perhaps a more talented artist.


Dryads (top row) and Orcs (bottom row) are particularly fond of applying ink designs to their skin.

"DaVinci" Anatomy Drawings

These three drawings are in the style of the anatomy figures drawn by the great Leonardo DaVinci, including the famous "Vitruvian Man," or in this case, a "Vitruvian Orc," along with Elf and Human anatomy studies. As such, they can be considered Easter Eggs.

Technical Designs

Mysterious designs and technical specifications for machines and equipment from an age long past.

Tapestries and Carpets

All races use carpets and rugs, and they decorate the greatest castles and the most lowly hovels. Some are hung on the walls to preserve their beauty.

Magical Amulets

Close-up pictures of some magical amulets the player may get as drops. These highly detailed textures are normally almost too tiny to appreciate in-game.


Scholars, commanders, royalty, all have various maps in their possession. Although too small to be used or really examined by the player in-game, many of these items seem to be legitimate, semi-accurate maps of Ancaria, Thylysium, and other places, complete with tiny writing.

Books and Writing

These are the covers of the many books the player will find scattered across Ancaria. The manuscripts and notes seem to have real writing, and some of them are even legible. Also pictured are the writing on the sleeves of an Ogre Shaman, and Thraconian runes.

Various Art

This is various art featured on walls, screens, stone markers, woodcarvings, Blind Guardian's drumset and an Easter Egg Ikarion plate. There's even magical Tarot cards and a lovely butterfly collection.