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This page is dedicated to bits and bytes of easter egg quality facts and factoids in Sacred 2, but there isn't a whole lot of information or pictures to merit a full page of it's own.

Easter Egg Taunts with the Inquisitor

Shang Tsung

  • "YOUR SOUL BELONGS TO ME!" - Or, as Shang Tsung said in the Mortal Kombat movie... "Your soul is mine! .... FINISH HIM!"

The Inquisitor Likes Elvis

  • "BRING ELVIS BACK T-ENERGY, NOT PUTRESCENCE SUCH AS THIS!" - This is one of the 4 taunts he uses against T-Energy mutants; it always gives me a good laugh

Classic Rock Fan

  • "All we are is dust in the wind." - Inquisitor quotes the chorus from "Dust in the Wind" by 70's rock band Kansas, after defeating an enemy sometimes.

Capcom's Blue Bomber

  • "I liked the BLUE version of you better." - This is one of the 11 taunts the Inquisitor uses against enemy Temple Guardians. I'm pretty sure it's a continuation of the running gag about the Temple Guardian being similar to Mega Man.

The Inquisitor Likes Killing off Tech Support...

  • "Get customer service while you're at it!" - Another one of the 11 taunts that the Inquisitor uses against enemy Temple Guardians.

Rene Descartes

  • "As I think, I exist..." - The Inquisitor sometimes quotes Descartes when you leave him idle long enough.

The Inquisitor Makes Fun of....

  • ["Taking a break... MAYBE I'LL BE ABLE TO SELL A FEW COPIES OF THE WATCHTOWER WHILE YOU ARE GONE! "] - not exact, but when you leave the Inquisitor idle, he will sometimes make fun of Jehova's Witnesses ("The Watch Tower" is the Jehova's Witness magazine/news letter)

Temple Guardian

If you're playing on the dark side, and let your Temple Guardian sit idle for a long time, one of the things he will say includes: "I cannot help but laugh about such a

T-1000." This is a reference to the T-1000 as seen in Terminator 2: Judgement Day which was the evil liquid shape changing Terminator.

A Wooden Bike in the Jungle...?

The title says it all. There's a wooden bike on the road leading to Na'Fian.


Most people will remember the classic Disney film Pinocchio - the story of a wooden marionette in the shape of a human boy brought to life with the promise that he can become a human boy IF he is a good boy. Of course, he gets led astray and his adventures eventually lead him on a path to redemption and a promise fulfilled with a "happily ever after" at the end.

The Temple Guardian's class quest "Unpack" revolves around his personal belongings and his past. When he gets to Twainbrook, he has to find the young boy of a toy dealer that the Kobold's kidnapped. (Shades of the Runemaster Tutoral quest with a side of "In the hands of Kobolds" thrown in.)

Except for one tiny detail the developers snuck in. If you read the log book, you'll see the following passage:

"I found the dealer's competitor. He is willing to help me if I retrieve the toy he built which was stolen by the Kobolds. He calls it 'his son'.

I found the dealer's toy, it looks just like a little boy. I will return it to its 'father.'

As a reward, I was given the little doll and a new ball. Now he wants me to take the competitor who slandered him so badly to court...

I deleted this propagator of false information from the system."

Special Sayings

Many of the characters in the game have something special to say when they defeat a particular enemy...

The Dragon Mage, while fighting and defeating the sand people there, will sometimes say, "Close your Eyes. Enter Sandman" - a reference to Metallica's hit "Enter Sandman".

The High Elf, when slaying Lizard men, will often mock them by saying, "repeat after me, Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers." She understands and must find it amusing that such tongue twisters would be difficult, at best, for them to accomplish with any degree of success.

The Shadow Warrior, while fighting the Undead enemies will sometimes say "All that remains is Dust in the Wind" - a reference to a hit song by Kansas called "Dust in the Wind".

The Seraphim, while beating up on Nameless Warriors in the Swamp region has been overheard saying "You're as good as extinct, Dino" - a reference to the Flintstone's pet dinosaur named Dino.

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