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In Asui'thaz you can find the below services. See Map Icons:








Asui'thaz is a small village found in the northern region of The Swamp and is due north from its capital Hissil'Ta. It is inhabited entirely by Lizardmen (and women?).

It rains a lot in the swamp and Asui'thaz is no exception. While there is no Portal in the village, there is one nearby to the southeast.

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Arrival in the swamp is facilitated by the elder dragon Mer-Kil who activates a nearby portal in the southern Dragon Lands region. This portal will take players to the northern-most region of the swamps which is conveniently located next to a portal. It is going to be a long walk in a rainy swamp before reaching Asui'thaz. Once there, a resurrection monolith may be activated and there is a portal nearby to the southeast. Following the Light Campaign storyline will lead the player to Asui'thaz.


The swamp can be a dangerous place. There are numerous wild animals including a plethora of Swamp Rats. Some monsters like the Swamp Olm roam the swamp and there are more undead than you can shake a stick at. The undead found within this area consist mostly of Moldered Skeletons and Moldered Zombies. Damage Types and resistances of enemies are mostly Physical and Poison.

Interesting Photos

On The Watch Tower
The Ceremonial Area
A Dead Hydra