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Sacred 2 Official Avatars by Schot

These avatars were created for fun to share with the community. Shortly after their release the community managers of both of the Official English Sacred forum and Official German Sacred forum asked for permission to integrate them into their forums as new default avatars. Members of these forums can choose to use them directly from their forum member control panel.


LichKingAvatar.gif TGuardianAvatar.gif MummieAvatar.gif
SWarriorAvatar.gif ShipAvatar.gif SeraphimAvatar.gif
BalrogAvatar.gif GolemAvatar.gif WerewolfAvatar.gif

Base Avatars

LychKing.jpg TempleG.jpg Mummie.jpg ShadowW.jpg SailBoat.jpg

Seraphimavy.jpg Balrog.jpg Golem.jpg Werewolf.jpg Dragon.jpg

Character Avatars

Official character portraits for download.

Format: JPG Large (576x768)

Format: PNG 'Mini' (142x170)

Drs glow.png Drl glow.png Hes glow.png Hel glow.png In glow.png
Se glow.png Sw glow.png Swl glow.png Tgs glow.png Tg glow.png

Dragon Mage

DragonMageLightPath.png Dragonmage Icon L.gif S2FA DM avatar.jpg DragonMageShadowPath.png

Character Mini Logos

Dragon Mage
High Elf
Shadow Warrior
Temple Guardian